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You have come to the number one place, to buy your human growth hormone. We only sell premium authentic Injectable HGH, and only carry the top quality HGH available in the world today, at affordable prices. All of our Injectable human growth hormone is FDA Approved, and comes from the USA that will be shipped directly to your door.

At Buy Injectable HGH, you will be able to purchase human growth hormones at competitive wholesale prices. We are the Injectable HGH  professionals and guarantee that your HGH will be authentic and safe, and you will get your order in less than 2 days. We strive to give you the best customer service by not compromising or taking any short cuts.

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Buy Injectable HGH

Injectable HGH

Manufacturer Product Name IU per - vial/pen Minimum Order Price per IU Total
Novo Nordisk      Norditropin 10 mg  30 IU / Pen 1 Pen / 30 IU $22.65 per IU $680.00
Novo Nordisk     Norditropin 15 mg 45 IU / Pen   1 Pen / 45 IU $22.00 per IU $990.00
    Eli Lilly     Humatrope 5 mg 15 IU / Vial   3 Vials / 45 IU $23.00 per IU $1,040.00
Eli Lilly  Humatrope 12 mg  36 IU / Cartridge 1 Cartridge $23.00 per  IU $830.00
Pfizer   Genotropin 5.3 mg 16 IU / Vial 3 Vials / 48 I.U Kit $18.50 per IU $890.00

The Norditropin pens is the only HGH product that is premixed and we include 15-20  needles for your first order only.

There will be a shipping charge of $100.00 per order, which is a FedEx overnight delivery ! 

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Buy Injectable HGH
Buy Injectable HGH

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