Frequently Asked Questions

A: We have in stock: Eli Lilly Humatrope, Novo Nordisk Norditropin Flexpro pens, and Pfizer Genotropin. We only sell these four as they are the best brands in the world today, and have been around for lamost 30 years. They are all made bio-identical to what the body produces in the pituitary gland. All four are made from a 191 amino acid sequence which is also equal to what the body produces. The Eil Liily Humatrope has been the Gold Standard because it has been around since 1985, and the first HGH that was FDA approved to sell to the public. I would have to say that these top four brands are neck and neck as far as potency goes. There is many different types of HGH on the market today, so make sure you choose a top quality one for your HGH therapy.

A: HGH will have the exact same effects and results on Women, as it does on men. It does not matter what age, weight or height, they are, they will get the same outcome. It is the most important hormone in the human body, because it controls and regenerates all bone growth and cell growth in the body.

A: You have many different choices, you can go to an anti-aging clinic in your area, or you can find one on the internet. They will have in house Doctors, that specialize in hormone replacement therapy. You can get the whole package for as low as $350.00, and do not even have to physically go in to the clinic as everything can be done over the phone. Most of the anti-aging clinics have a huge over head making it a very expensive venture, and not the cheapest route to take. Your other option is to go to your own family doctor, and request the blood work through them.

A: This is a very simple process, you can get on the internet and go to either www.gpzservices.com for your insulin syringes, or you can go to www.diabeticexpress.com for the Norditropin Flexpro pen needles. You might also be able to go to your local pharmacy or super store in your area, where you will find them. You need a box of 100, of the 1 cc – 29 gauge – 1/2″ Insulin Syringes.

A: You have a choice to inject yourself sub-cutaneously anywhere around the stomach area. The other option is to do an intramuscular injection into the thigh or buttocks muscle. There has been no clinical studies that show one method is better than the other, so choose the method that is more convenient or that suites you better

A: I would recommend taking your HGH shots just before going to bed, because that is when your normal HGH is produced in the human body while you sleep. The HGH stays in the human body for many hours, but your IGF-1 levels will increase over a given period of time.

A: For most people it will be anywhere from 1-3 IU’s per day, and the injection routine should always be, a 5 days ON and a 2 days OFF. Once you have reached 350-400 IGF-1 levels, then you will only need to take enough per injection as a maintenance. You should always consult with your doctor on the proper dosage and listen to his advice.

A: There are many, many variables with growth hormone. Your type of diet, age, weight and how active you are at the gym, how much cardio you do will greatly effect the outcome. It will normally take at least 5-6 months, to see the full benefits, but you will see changes in the first few weeks some results. This is a process which takes time, and HGH is not a magic pill, you have to work at it to get the best results.

A: Yes all four HGH brands that I carry are all FDA approved. Any pharmacy or anti-aging clinic in the USA cannot sell any type of OTC prescription drug that is not FDA approved by law.

A: We always ship our HGH products via FedEx in discreet packaging. Every order is packed professionally with ice packs to make sure all of our products stay at the proper temperature and safety of product. We will never share any of your confidential information with anyone else.

A: If your order of HGH is placed by 12:00 am PST, it will go out that day, and will be shipped via FedEx overnight, but if your order is placed after 12:00 PST, then it will arrive with in 2 days.

A: The shipping costs to the USA, are $80.00 USD for every order. Please call us toll free at 1-877-767-9297 to find out about our specials and volume pricing.

A: Yes we only accept Visa and MasterCard, but we have disabled out shopping cart, so each order has to be called in to our toll free number @ 1-877-767-9297 to place an order. Then we will need you to fill out a credit card authorization form that has to be scanned and emailed back to us as an attachment, or you can take a picture with your smart phone and email that to us.

The only so called side effects from using HGH, is usually when people like some body builders that are taking 4-5 times more than they should be. In other words they are abusing HGH by taking way more than they need, because they thing that the more the better which is not true at all. Some of the side effects are: higher blood sugar levels, headaches, vomiting, some fluid retention which would cause some swelling in the hands, decrease in thyroid function, muscle pain, sore joints.

The most common side effect is carpal tunnel syndrome. Very rarely are these symptoms severe enough to stop the HGH therapy. It is almost unheard of to hear anyone experiencing any side effects when they are administering a proper dosage of 1-3 IU’s per day. If you follow your doctors recommendations and get your blood work done to monitor your IGF-1 levels, then any side effects will be very limited.

A: The Injectable HGH that we sell is not considered a controlled substance, like testosterone and steroids. There are many misconceptions on the internet today, about Growth Hormone being the same as steroids, but it is not the same. There have been many misleading articles in the media over the years, and the real truth about Injectable HGH has been grossly misunderstood by everyone.

A: The top 4 manufacturers of HGH that we sell are all FDA approved, and are 100% LEGAL in the USA. We only ship to the USA markets, and we do not ship to P.O. Boxes. . We only use licensed pharmacists so we can provide the highest standards and best HGH available today. All of our HGH products are obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers.

A: Growth Hormone is a complete protein, and would be completely destroyed in the digestive track, if taken in any type of pill form or nasal sprays. The only proper way to administer HGH is by injecting it sub-cutaneously. There is always a war of words, between the web sites that sell the nasal sprays and pills, an the sites that sell real injectable HGH. Do not be fooled by anyone that tries to compare both products with many misleading quotes that are nowhere near the real truth.

A: Any HGH product is totally compatible with Testosterone, Steroids, HCG, and any OTC drug or pain killers. You should not take HGH therapy if you have any acute critical illnesses, like complications due to open heart surgery, or respiratory failure. Most importantly HGH should never be injected by anyone with cancer. Taking HGH may also increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes risk with people who are obese.